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Ventilators (B-001)
auf Anfrage / on demand verfuegbar /available Mekics MV2000 EVO5 Intensive Care Ventilator TFT-LCDtouchscreen15" Modes Of Ventilation VC, PC, PS, PRVC, AUTO, BIPAP, APRV, CPR, Traecheal Pressure, EsophaeGeal Pressure Patient Age Group Adult, Pediatric Neonatal Continuous Flow Range Auto Voltage 220 VAC Breathing Frequency 0-150 BPM Inspiratory Time 0-10 Sec Expiratory Time 0-10 Sec Trigger Sensitivity Flow,Pressure, Esophageal,Tracheal Weight 45 Kgs Tidal Volume 2ML-2500ML Flow Rate UPTO 180 LPM Inspiratory Pressure 0-99 CM OF H2O Power Consumption 500 VA Respiratory Rate 1-150 BPM Battery Backup 3 Hours Driven Type Electronics Cartincluded
Ventilators (B-003)
New ICU Ventilators Mekics Type MVT 1000 Versatile Ventilator with Full Features MTV1000 is an ICU-grade ventilator deigned for mobility. The essential functions and high performance of system can save your efforts for patient care. PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, Spont+ / CPAP, PRVC, AutoMode, Apnea Back-up ventilation, O2Stream Accessory : 12.1" Ext. TFT LCD Monitor, Nasal Cannula for O2Stream
ventilators (B-005)
15 ventilators Maquet Servo-i refurbished, tested incl. new Accu, new Oxygen cell , new hoses.
Ventilators (B-006)
auf Anfrage available 8 pieces Evita 4 5 pieces Evita XL 2 pieces Evita 4 Edition All devices are tested and equipped with new oxygen cell and new patient hose connection.